• Business Services

    Redfox offers a range of cost-saving, performance-boosting services for businesses ranging from sole operators to large scale enterprises, from law firms to farmers to mining companies, and everything in between. Redfox has the Internet, Energy, or IT solution to suit their customers needs, every time.

  • Home Services

    Redfox home services offer connectivity, peace of mind, and reduced bills for homeowners and renters alike. Leverage the power of Redfox Internet to get a blazing fast connection to the world, or get a certified Redfox Energy electrician to your door to do anything from fixing your lights to discussing how to your energy bills by switching to renewables.

  • Redfox Free WiFi

    In April 2014 Redfox launched a brand new public offering: Redfox Free Wi-Fi! Locals and travellers alike have taken advantage of this service to keep their mobile data costs down. And best of all: there is no cost to them, and there never will be! The Redfox Free Wi-Fi initiative is supported by local businesses so there is never a charge to the consumer to access the service.

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The world of technology is vast, ever changing and it can at times be confusing to navigate the various options available – especially for the not so tech-savvy among us!